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About us

SuperXparts.com has been serving the Super X community with parts and service since 2000. We purchased our first Excelsior-Henderson in June of 1999, and have been die-hard Excelsior-Henderson enthusiasts ever since.

Concerned about being able to get parts once the factory closed, we began buying out dealer inventories and offering our spare parts to other owners. Later, we were given access to the Swift Motorcycle Co. inventory of Excelsior-Henderson parts. We also purchased parts left in stock from the original suppliers to the factory. Now, we manufacture a number of items that serve as replacements or are improvements over the original parts.

Marty and I have decided that it would serve the community best to consolidate all of the parts with Mike Seastrom of Valhalla Motor Works, allowing me the time to concentrate on Repair and Service work and giving Marty a well deserved retirement. To be clear,  I will continue to Service, Repair, and Restore our Classic Excelsior-Henderson motorcycles. That has always been my passion and will continue to be the main focus of Atlantic E-H, LLC. 

We are confident that Mike has the knowledge and experience to maintain and distribute our accumulation of these rare parts for years to come. We look forward to sharing our experience and knowledge with Mike. 

We owe the whole community our gratitude for the opportunity to help your their bikes on the road. It has always been our primary goal, to keep the Excelsior-Henderson dream alive and build a living history for this great American motorcycle.

You can find us at: Atlantic E-H LLC, 5083 Bear Foot Ln Elkton, VA 22827. Or call us at: 540-298-9310. Or email us at: The_Folks@SuperXparts.com